NEC Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show Y Register Stand

As previously reported we were lucky enough to get a stand at the NEC Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show. We had two 2001 R50 MINIs Y931 OBL and Y951 NJX on display. Arriving on the Thursday the cars were on show through to Sunday evening.

Just about every classic car you could wish to see was present at the show. It was huge! It was therefore great to see the interest we got in these Modern Classic R50 MINIs.
Whilst I was on the stand I spoke with several visitors to the show all with a story to tell about owning a MINI and a few others who were looking to find one for themselves. There was also a chap who used to work at MINI who recounted a story to his friend and myself about the relevance of the OBL registration plate. He remembered being present at a staff team building day show casing the new MINI where a fleet of OBLs was present. Similar to the event shown in this photo I imagine:

MINI R50 Show Case Event 2001

As a result of the show we also know that one more Y Registration MINI has been saved. Joining the group the week after was Leigh Quinnell now the proud owner of Y767 YYX

I was really inspired by your stand at the Classic Motor Show. The chance own a car however came round a lot quicker than I thought! I’m now the proud owner of this Cooper.

The close of the show saw the traditional horn blowing!…

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