How Many Are Left - The 19th Birthday Edition

It's been another busy 6 months for the MINI Y Register with cars changing hands and many members of the club spending time during lockdown doing some of those jobs they'd never gotten around to before. It's also been the first time we've seen some chancer tried to pull the wool over people's eyes by selling a fake OBL on ebay!! The auction still completed and looked like the car might of sold but this is strongly suspected to have been by one of the seller's mates, just to save face.

Being April, one member of the club, Graham Bayley, parodied this listing in his excellent April Fools post:

MINI Cooper R50 Red with false Y000 OBL April Fools Number Plate

To OBL or not to OBL, that is the question, well I have answered it, I am one of those owners who have an early Vin number car but on a late 51 plate. I decided that I really should have a nice Y registration but why not have a nice OBL, there are loads of OBL numbers for sale. I have bought one and have managed to get the plates made before the lock down. I only managed to get out and fit the new plates yesterday (pic below). I know it will not make it a 'real' OBL but when I come to sell (this summer hopefully) I shall advertise it as a Replica OBL, then leave it to the new owner to keep or revert back to the original 51.

As for Y Registered cars, this edition of the data also includes some cars now on Northern Irish registraion plates that were registered before 1st September 2001.

How many are left now

As can be seen the nubmer of Y Register MINIs on a SORN has increased since last October. This certainly looks like the affect of Corona Virus, which has disrupted the show scene this year. I spotted a large number of vehicles being SORN at the beginning of this month when we would normally expect them to start coming out of hibernation. So the numbers have increased slightly. Building on the previous graphs, here's how many are left now.

Taxed: 331 SORN: 192 Not Taxed: 224

As for all MINIs registered in 2001? Well we now have that data regularly kept up to date as well. Broken down by VIN Prefix, the numbers currently stand at:

VIN Prefix Status Amount
TB0 Not taxed 2440
TB0 SORN 784
TB0 Taxed 2954
TC0 Not taxed 3576
TC0 SORN 1308
TC0 Taxed 4651
TE0 Not taxed 231
TE0 Taxed 625
TE7 Not taxed 142
TE7 Taxed 388