How Many Are Left - The 22nd Birthday Edition

It's been far too long since I looked at the numbers to see how many of the Y Reg MINIs are still on the road or safely tucked up in a garage or on a driveway on SORN. 3 years in fact. Quite a lot seems to have changed.

We've seen several OBL cars change hands over that time, many of which seem to have done so privately off of the auction sites, so valuations are hard. However, a recent Black OBL one was seemingly snapped up very quickly from a Facebook group post at a price of £4000. A standard Y Reg car still seems to be very hit and miss on valuation. A Red Cooper requiring some attention to bring back to standard went fo £1400 on first ebay listing, but was relisted soon after and only fetched jsut over £1000. Where as a particularly well known delaer in London is advertising a Blue MINI One at £7000! So it's anyones guess, however as the numbers show there are fewer and fewer of these cars around, so maybe it won't be long before the bargains are all gone.

ebay advert for Blue MINI ONE Y Reg

Buyer Beware!

A number that has increased is the number of OBL "replicas". There are now 3 51 plate cars on private YxxxOBL registration plates, up by 2.

How many are left now

There has been quite a dramatic shift in the numbers over the past 3 years. Taxed Y Reg MINIs have decreased from 331 to 185! A drop 146 or 45%. With the number of untaxed Y Reg MINIs increasing by 170 or 75%. SORN Y reg remain similar, being down 24 or 12.5%.

  • Taxed: 185
  • SORN: 168
  • Not Taxed: 394

As for all MINIs registered in 2001? Broken down by VIN Prefix, the numbers currently stand at:

VIN Prefix Status Amount
TB0 Taxed 1125
TB0 SORN 557
TB0 Untaxed 2239
TC0 Taxed 2237
TC0 SORN 967
TC0 Untaxed 3665
TE0 Taxed 100
TE0 Untaxed 145