The MINI Y Register is for those who own or have an interest in early BMW MINIs built in 2001.

Your MINI does not have to be on a Y plate, as 51 plates were issued in 2001 however currently the the main focus of the Y Register will be to collect information about MINIs built in the first 6 months of 2001 and predominantly Registered on a Y plate.

For the purpose of this group we have 3 categories your 2001 MINI may fall into:

  • An early MINI - Any MINI built in 2001 and Registered on a Y plate.
  • An early press MINI - Any MINI built in April 2001 or earlier and Registered with the sequential number plate Y*** OBL or Registered to the BMW press office.
  • An early pre production MINI - Anything built on 25/04/01 or earlier as volume production started on 26/04/01.

We also welcome any information you may have on early MINIs and we look forward to opportunities to get together these early MINIs together and enjoy them.